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I'm in my penultimate year of a Bachelors of Laws or a Juris Doctor at an Australian university The Clerkship Program.

I'm in my final year of a Bachelors of Laws or a Juris Doctor at an Australian university Legal Graduate Program.

We hire most of our Graduates from our Clerkship Programs. Occasionally, additional opportunities may arise. If there are opportunities available, they will be listed by clicking the online application link under Application Process. 

Application dates for our offices are listed on the Clerkship page.

Application process - Clerkship Program

How to apply steps

Applications for our legal programs are done via our online application form which can be accessed on our clerkship programs page.

Applications made via email will not be considered.

Once you've registered a user name and password, you will need to complete the following 3 items for your application to be considered:

1. Online application form 
Our online application consists of a few screens gathering basic information about your education, work experience, extra curricular activities and other achievements. You will have the option to upload your résumé to assist with making the application process quicker (and strongly recommend you do so) as the system will transfer general information from your  résumé into the relevant screens, and therefore mean you only have to check it has transferred accurately and fill in any blanks. In addition to the basic information, you will need to upload your most recent academic results. We do not require a cover letter, however, we do ask a series of short questions in lieu of the cover letter.

Once you submit this part of the application, you will receive an email, with instructions on how to complete the remaining two items:

2. An invitation to complete a Psychometric Assessment via pymetrics
You will also be asked to complete a Psychometric Assessment via our assessment partner, pymetrics. This is the only online assessment we use during our selection process and completion of all games is mandatory. Failure to complete all games will result in your application not being reviewed or considered.

3. An invitation to complete a short Rare Recruitment survey
You will be invited to participate in a short Rare Recruitment survey. This survey is not mandatory and you will not be marked down whether you choose to participate or not. Further details on the Rare contextual recruitment system can be found under 'Rare Recruitment' below. Please note this survey will ask for information from your time in high school, including grades, so try to have this ready.

Once applications close, we will review all candidates.

We'll tell you the outcome of your application within four weeks of the closing date.

If you're shortlisted, you'll progress to the interview stage.

Successful candidates will be made an offer.

Rare Recruitment

At Clayton Utz, our people come from a wide range of backgrounds and have different skills, interests, personalities and capabilities. We are committed to an inclusive culture in which all of our people are recognised for their unique contributions and are encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential. Diversity at Clayton Utz includes diversity of thought, background, experience, personal circumstances, education, religion, sexuality, gender, age, ethnicity and ability/disability. That diversity helps to generate new ideas, creates more effective teams and relationships, and is a key enabler to attract, develop and retain the very best people.

To assist us with gathering relevant information during the application process at Clayton Utz, we have partnered with a company called Rare Recruitment. Their contextual recruitment system (CRS) allows us to understand each applicant’s achievements, skills and experience in the context that they have been gained. This enables us to identify diverse talent. 

Rare Recruitment collects data directly from you and from external sources to enable us to better understand your experiences, achievements and skills in the context of your personal circumstances. More specifically, if there are factors in your childhood/upbringing or extenuating circumstances in your past that impacted on your ability to perform at school, or if you significantly outperformed against your peers at school, this information can be considered in conjunction with more traditional candidate information. 

Please note that supplying this information is not mandatory and you will not marked down whether you choose to participate or not.  


What is pymetrics?

Pymetrics is an organization that helps companies and individuals determine which attributes make them successful. To do this, they assess cognitive and emotional traits using a series of online games. These games are engaging and fun, developed through years of neuroscience and neuropsychology research. Cognitive traits assessed within the games include memory, attention and planning – they do not include any measure of IQ. Emotional traits include risk tolerance, perseverance and emotional identification. There are 12 games in total, and overall the games should take you about 25 minutes to complete. After you complete the games, you will receive an individual trait report that we will also assess as a part of your application.

Do I have to complete the test?

Yes, pymetrics is compulsory for all clerkship applications and must be completed in order for your application to be considered.

How do I play the games?

After you submit your clerkship application you will receive a separate email with the pymetrics test titled "Invitation to play pymetrics". You have 48 hours to complete the test once you receive the email. If you don't receive the email, make sure to check your junk folder as it can sometimes default there.

We recommend allowing enough time to complete the games in one sitting, however, you do have the ability to start/stop the games. Please note, your application will not be submitted until the pymetrics games have been completed.

What happens if I pass or fail the assessment?

The assessments we use do not have a pass or fail. When you complete the assessment, we compare your results to those of our current employees, and this gives us a sense of how likely you are to be successful as a clerk/graduate.

How do I know if you have received my results?

Once the games have been completed, you’ll receive a notification within the pymetrics platform that confirms your results have been submitted.

You can find further information on pymetrics online


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