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Our Forensic & Technology Services (FTS) Graduate Program

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It's not just about wearing a suit

No matter how good your degree, there's always a gap between theory and practice, and finishing university can be daunting. How do you make the jump?

That's where we come in.

Once you've completed your studies, our FTS Graduate Program gives you the perfect foundation for your career, with the option of applying for a forensic accounting or computer science/IT stream.

Our 1.5 week orientation program is designed to ensure you'll hit the ground running. It consists of local training and a national orientation week in Sydney, with the support of a large graduate cohort.

With exposure to various sections of FTS, we will help you discover different areas and find the right fit. From day one you'll be working on complex and sophisticated projects, and with our innovative learning and development approach, you'll get the support to become the best you can be.

With our Graduate Program you'll get…

  • A formalised program with exposure areas to different sections of FTS
  • Each Graduate Analyst stream to have a tailored program for technical skill development
  • Development and mentoring programs
  • A buddy who'll give you the inside information
  • Meaningful performance feedback so you know you're on the right track
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • The chance to participate in our Community Connect and Pro Bono programs and really give back
  • Social and sporting activities, because we know it's not all work and no play.

With our flexible program, you can experience…

In the accounting stream, you may be involved in FTS accounting and forensic accounting, data analytics, e-discovery, management accounting, reporting, tax accounting, data analysis and projects.

In the computer science/IT stream, you may be involved in e-discovery, data collection, data analytics, data rooms, cyber security, fraud investigations, forensic collections, infrastructure and security, financial analytics and innovation projects.

Training available

Clayton Utz has a structured training program that all graduates will participate in. It commences with a 1.5 week national orientation program. Once you have settled in your team your development journey continues with a range of workshops, on-line learning, coaching and mentoring conversations.

Post graduate study

Clayton Utz supports the development of its people through tuition assistance and/or study leave to help them obtain relevant postgraduate qualifications. Graduates in our accounting/forensic accounting stream will undertake the CA Program, whilst graduates in our computer science/IT stream will have the opportunity to undertake various courses and certifications in relation to NUIX, Relativity, forensic collections and data analytics.

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