Ken Saurajen

Instinct and imagination are key to success

By Ken Saurajen

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I’m a Telecommunications, Media and Technology law partner at Clayton Utz. I have been practicing in this area in the TMT space for this my 17th year now and I find the practice of high-end technology law a fascinating area. I mean, just the pace of innovation in IT means that what we deal with on a day-to-day basis is continually changing and evolving. And, the complexity associated with designing and negotiating the types of contracts that we deal with demands first-rate technical legal skills. So it is a very engaging combination.

I joined Clayton Utz because I was excited by the prospect of an environment that was well firstly unapologetically bold about its position in the market for high-end legal services, but also demonstrated a genuine belief in achieving this through a truly collaborative and collegiate environment.

In my time I have found that, what I've noticed is that the world's most successful organisations seem to be those that have realised that spending time building good culture doesn't detract from business success but it goes hand-in-hand with it. I think we've got an exceptional culture at Clayton Utz, which can actually at times be difficult to describe, but it is I think at the same time ambitious, innovative, compassionate and inquisitive.

My vision is for the Clayton Utz brand to be synonymous with uncontested market leadership in the design and execution of this country's most difficult and complex TMT transactions. In my view, excellent technical legal skills aren't a distinguishing feature for clients anymore they are a ticket to play in the top tier and clients are entitled to expect that. What's harder to find is a lawyer with the agility to adapt those skills, with some creativity and some imagination, to manufacture a real valuable business outcome for the client, and that’s the real differentiator I think of TMT at Clayton Utz.

Personally, I think we can over-rationalise many decisions that face us in life, but I'm a huge believer in listening to the little prompting inside your stomach that immediately tells you whether something is right or wrong. I’ve noticed that successful people never try to be somebody that they’re not – but they have learnt to be powerfully effective in their own way and within their own styles and that's something that Clayton Utz believes too. We value staying true, and for me that means challenging yourself, remaining sincere and above all trusting your instincts.

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