Qasim Rasool

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By Qasim Rasool

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I moved to Australia from Pakistan in 2013. I’d worked there as a lawyer for over three years before I decided to come to this country. I wanted to settle in Australia and for that, I had to re-qualify as a Solicitor. So, along with studying full-time for a JD, I re-qualified and got admitted in the Supreme Court of NSW. It was my goal to begin my career in Australia in a leading firm as a graduate lawyer, so I decided to do a clerkship.

Australia was my first choice country as I’d graduated with a law degree from the UK and Australia had a similar legal system. I also thought that because of the shared interests in cricket it would be a good fit, culturally. It turned out to be very true. 

Culture is important to me. That’s why I choose Clayton Utz. During the recruitment process I felt it was an elite firm, but the people are very humble and down to earth. This was a key factor. If you come from overseas it’s important to find a workplace which is comfortable and accommodating, and where your career decisions and life experience is appreciated. I noticed that I was respected as an individual. Plus my career journey, and the choices I made, were also respected and acknowledged.

Before joining Clayton Utz, I worked in a health club, at the Sydney Cricket Ground, as a photo booth attendant and various other jobs just to keep me afloat. I was pleased to know that the firm valued my overall life experience and my part-time and casual experience in Australia. They didn’t just focus on grades or extra-curricular activities. So everything I’d done previously, helped me stand out from the crowd. 

I hope to start as a graduate lawyer at Clayton Utz and build upon my experience as a lawyer. They have a very good structured program for graduates and I believe I’ll be able to succeed quickly. Partners and Senior Associates remain true to a commitment to share their knowledge and take interest in your development, so hopefully I can make the best use of this opportunity and succeed at Clayton Utz.  

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